Te Reo Maioha ki Poihakena

Te Reo Maioha is a Maori language school managed by New South Wales Maori School of Learning Inc (Te Kura Akoranga Maori o NSW).

It is a not for profit organisation established on 29th November, 2005.

Te Reo Maioha teaches the Te Ataarangi method.

This is total immersion with classes being taught entirely in te reo maori.

It uses all forms of communication from speaking, listening, waiata, karakia, sign language, role play and the use of coloured cuisenaire rods as a learning tool in order for students to retain and memorise what is being taught.

It has been used with great success since 1979 in Aotearoa.

It does not rely on the formal methods of the mainstream education system. The emphasis is on oral rather than written learning.

NSW Maori School of Learning Inc Kaupapa

Aspires to effectively contribute to the development of our community. Our vision is to equip our people with the necessary skills to contribute effectively to Maori development in NSW.

We aim to:

Encourage our people to work together as a community;
Strengthen ourselves through knowing ourselves;

  • Build pride and mana within ourselves;
    Establish and nurture relationships with the tangata whenua of this land.
  • Provide a supportive and nurturing environment where people can learn Te Reo Maori and tikanga.

We welcome Maori or non-Maori who are genuinely interested in learning about our culture and is prepared to respect tikanga Maori.

In doing this we understand and acknowledge the importance of returning to Aotearoa to continue on the path of discovery and learning and to strengthen and maintain ties with our whanau, hapu and iwi.

"Hoki atu ki to maunga kia purea koe e nga hau a Tawhirimatea" "Return to your mountain that you may be cleansed by the winds of Tawhirimatea."

Our Affiliation with Te Ataarangi

Our current affiliation with Te Ataarangi is through Te Papaka nui a Maui, which is the Australian regional branch (Rohe) of Te Ataarangi International Inc Society.

Our original connections to Te Ataarangi were through the Te Upoko o Te Ika region (Rohe) through our affiliation with Te Reo Maioha Charity Trust in Otaki, who have been teaching Te reo to adults since 1996.

Te Reo Maioha takes its name and kaupapa from this school.